Bat Houses
Understandably all of our clients wish to have their resident bat problem solved. However many wish to keep the bats close to their homes by installing a bat house for the benefit that the bats will provide with insect control. To this I would agree to their decision. Another benefit is the bat guano that is collected from the area below the new roost site bat box is excellent fertilizer. This is due to its high nitrogen content.

In these cases we custom design and place our bat houses to accomadate the anticipated colony size and also allow adequate room for colony growth over the next few years. To date we have had 100% bat colony acceptance and inhabitation.
Our bat houses are of our own design and have been the result of researching the most successful university tested and proven bat house designs that are available today. 
Location, positioning (height and thermal conductivity 
considerations in relation to sun exposed areas) and bat   house design shall determine the acceptance of the unit   by resident or successfully evicted bat colonies. If any of these factors are compromised the inhabitation of your bat house will probably never be successful. At best it will only be an ornament or conversation piece.
 Another factor that gives us an edge is that we apply a bat glandular scent paste to the interior baffles and landing strip of the bat house. This product is made from the bat guano and glandular excretions which help the bats to adapt and accept a bat house much faster than without such an addition. It makes it smell like home!
We have such a product available and it is called 
" Bat Call ".  It is available in limited quanities.  Availability is determined by consumer and commercial demand as well as raw material availability. You may contact us for availability, pricing and order information. Bat Call enhances and invites bat inhabitation when applied within a well designed bat house that has been properly positioned to the criteria listed within our site.  Bat Call can be purchased from the website below.
  Bat houses are more readily accepted by bats when alternative housing has been in position a week or more prior to the eviction. We have installed bat houses a day or so prior to evacuation and have been successful with inhabitation almost over nite.However  this only occurs because of our experience with bat behavior and by proper positioning a well constructed bat house. 
Accumulated bat guano under a bat house
Bat House Construction
Back sides and top with landing and crawling screen in place
Side view
All components of bat condo ready for assembly
Baffles and spacers in place
Baffles ready for installation
Baffle insertions complete with Bat Call application to landing and baffle screening
Front cover installation
Completed bat condo front view
Completed bat condo side view
The following "Condo" bat house has a capacity to house 500-600 small brown bats
Bat Condo 300-400 bat capacity residence installed
Large bat condo placed at a state National Park in Tomlinson Run, W.Va.
Custom made bat condo made to match the appearance of the home
Bat Call applied to landing strips and baffles of bat condo