Wildlife Control Services is aware that there is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet in regards to bat control and health related issues with respect to human exposure to bats in general. Some general information on bats is very good however there is also some general "do it yourself " bat control information that we have viewed that is very inaccurate.
          All of the information contained within Wildlife Control Services web site is based upon our own  field experiences with residential and commercial bat exclusion projects.The shared experiences of our clients have given us a wealth of information on bat behavior in structure that is not available in any books or libraries to our knowledge.This information will ultimately benefit those of you who will need  professional services in the coming years.       
            It is our purpose to educate and allow you to learn from our experiences, explain our views, exclusion methods and services that are available. Hopefully enlighten you to some of the more important concerns that we have involving bat colony exclusions. We feel it is very important for the consumer to have a better understanding of bat behavior in structure and the possible consequences of human exposure to bats and bat guano while co existing in a residence or a working environment .  
           If we can be of assistance in helping you with questions or concerns with respects to your bat control needs, guano removal projects or odor control issues we will certainly be able to provide you with the facts as we know them. What effectively works and what is an effort in futility. Our consultation services will certainly enable you to make an educated and practical decision in resolving your bat infestation problems quickly and effectively.
              If you wish to contact us with information regarding your bat problem you may do so by email [email protected] which is monitored daily by our staff. Or if you would like to speak with one of our staff personally you may call us toll free at 1-888-387-2001. To speak with a field technician calls must be made between the hours of  8:00 a.m. and  6:00 p.m. eastern standard time. In the event all technical support personnel are in the field as is the case during our peak bat exclusion service periods
( May thru September ) your call will be returned as soon as possible by the first available team member.
                                                       Bob Jameson,
                                        Owner & Senior Field Supervisor
                  Wildlife Control Services
         Wildlife Control Services can provide you with all of the resources available to us that comes from the accumulation of knowledge from over 35 years of field experience in wildlife control technology. I trust you have found our site to be very helpful, honest and educational. Some of the information that we have shared within this site I am sure is not a known fact to many individuals in this field until now.
           It has always been our policy to provide honest and factual information to those who need help and answers to their bat related problems. That is what sets us apart from others in this field.       
Currently Servicing the states marked on the map with our home office located in Daisytown,PA

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   The point being from a professional stand point I would caution one as to the validity and effectiveness of some this information. The old saying that all that glitters is not gold stands true in this case.Anyone who would like to learn more about bats and research the problems that are associated with living in close proximity with them should be able to find the answers to many of their questions on the net.  It  is our professional opinion that if you are not adequately satisfied with your research findings and you do not fully understand the facts, it would be our recommendation to contact a seasoned professional to help you understand more fully the things you wish to know. 
Team providing a structural seal and repair to Residence
Uric acid ( Bat Urine) damage to the infra structure of over head rafters and support joists

Total insulation removal due to heavy bat guano and urine saturation
Team members utilizing infra red camera to locate bat entry points
Control Specialist fitting and mounting a bat-proof chimney cap
Our primary bat service team