Bat Guano
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A bat colony roosting in an occupied building may also cause the inhabitants to be exposed to a disease called  Histoplasmosis.

This is a disease that affects the respiratory system in humans.The disease is contracted through the inhalation of airborne mold spore particulate that develops in bat guano that has accumulated over time in the overhead attic or wall areas.

Bat guano is the proper name for bat fecal waste. It is usually found speckled on the outside of homes and on window sills just below a bat entry point. The larger accumulation of guano is tyically found just below the entry points on the interior of a structure and then on the floor immediately below running the center spine of the ridge line. Many home owners that encounter these droppings initially think it is from mouse activity and set traps. After unsuccessful attempts to catch the mice most people realize in time that something else may be causing the waste accumulation.This is usually when a professional is called.

Guano pyramid located on the interior attic area just below a bat colony entry point
Colony roost site guano collection point
Attic ridge line guano run
Guano accumulation at the base of a chimney in an attic area
A good example of airborne particulate is illustrated in the photo to the left. These are disposable filters used by all of our personel in our respirators to capture airborne material during the guano removal process. The first pair show clean unused filters, the second pair are from 1 hour of use and the last pair are from 2 hours of use. Filters must be changed often as they become clogged very quickly and can cause breathing difficulties and ingestion of contaminated material when the filter fails due to particulate saturation.  
These 2 photos are typical of bat guano waste accumulation that is found in structures
This photo reveals bat guano spotting typically  found on the siding of a home directly below a bat colony entry point
Compressor utilized for supplying fresh air for our respirator systems
A bat control specialist returning from guano clean up in attic.
A bat control specialist doing  a residential inspection prior to clean up
Contaminated material being disposed of properly through commercial waste pick up
1100 Pounds of bat guano removed from a residence ready to transport to dump site.